This blog is an account of my verbally abusive relationship. It is a step towards freedom. Not just mine, but those who are reading as well. For if you are reading this, then you know, or at least suspect, that something isn’t right in your relationship. By drawing on my experiences, I hope to help you, but I am also looking for your help as well, since breaking the silence and sharing with others is key to mine and yours’ escape.

I highly encourage you to share, because what you have to say is important. You are important.

I have been in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship for a year and a half. I have read about others who spent 5, 10, 20 years of their lives married to men who abused them. I cannot imagine being subjected to this treatment for that long. It was not long before I realized something was ‘off’ in my relationship but, like many victims, I ignored the signs. I made excuses. I went against my instincts. Looking back, there were signs from day one. Yet I remained, convincing myself that he just didn’t understand me yet or he was just tired or stressed or maybe I should be more attentive and affectionate and then he wouldn’t act like he did. I wasted alot of time trying to figure him and his way of thinking out, losing myself in the process.

And that made me angry. I looked at myself and said, “This isn’t you.” And I left. A year in, I managed to gain the courage to leave. I was gone for 5 weeks. Somehow, though, I was sucked back in by his lies.

Now I hope, with your help, to regain that courage to leave once and for all and inspire you to get out as well. I no longer want to live a lie.


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  1. I think it impossible to understate how devastating emotional / verbal abuse is. It is insidious, crazy-making, poisonous, and destructive. Many people I know who have lived with domestic violence say that the emotional violence was the worst part of the avalanche of abuse.

    So, I welcome your blog. In the blogging community you will find lots of people who will understand what you are going through, and many, many supportive bloggers.

    Most importantly of all, I welcome you on your journey out of this toxic relationship. You write very well, and clearly understand the dynamics of abuse. You’re doing your homework and empowering yourself with knowledge. Huge kudos to you! Looking forward to reading much more from you as you move forward 🙂


    • Thank you very much for your uplifting comment! I have gained alot of knowledge and comfort from your blog and look forward to following you as well 🙂


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